Rick, I love how this turned out! You nailed it. Your Oz photo made me lol and this line especially resonates:

“My internal monologue has a PhD in convincing me that my good ideas are mediocre at best.”

I’ve been on a little writing hiatus and your essay is pulling me back in. Thank you for writing this hilarious, yet charmingly vulnerable, piece.

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PS: I’ll have to read the Why Your Team Sucks series. I’m in a women’s fantasy football league (I drafted Najee Harris). I need all the intel I can get 😆

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Thank you again for editing! I hope the piece pulls you back into writing like that Godfather scene.

As far as fantasy advice, I’m really only good with PIT players haha. I think we’re gonna run the ball a lot this year, so Najee SHOULD put up some numbers. Other viable options would probably be TE Pat Friermuth and WR George Pickens. They’ve probably been snapped up already though, so I hope Najee brings you many TDs!

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