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If you finished the next line in these lyrics, we should be friends.

Hi there, I’m Rick, the awkwardly tall guy in the pictures above. Finding Wit’s End is my (soon to be) epic, world-spanning quest to explore everyday topics while blending humor and insight. My first goal is to make you laugh and my second is to help you to pause and think a little more deeply about life. If I had to pick a third, I think it’d be cool to pull a sword from a stone someday and really complete the whole quest arc.

Finding Wit’s End is one email per week containing:

  • A short essay I’ve written about a topic that caught my interest

  • Three funny things I found on social media that week

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Start Here

If you’re new to Finding Wit’s End, these three pieces are a great place to start:

  1. Your Plan Sucks - This article is about unexpected paths in life and is a great example of the typical blend of attitudes around here.

  2. Coronation of a New King: Oatmeal Raisin - Heavy on the humor and light on the insight, this piece remains a fan favorite all the same.

  3. The Satirical Sage - If you read the previous two and disliked them, allow me to introduce you to another author in this piece. His writing is time-tested and if you take nothing else away, you can at least go read his fantastic work instead.

More about Rick

  • I still have my tonsils - yes, I’m one of those “tonsil people” you hear about

  • I’ve been absolutely crushing an active daily tooth brushing streak for 32 years and counting

  • I can sing every word to Eminem’s ‘Til I Collapse’ on command no matter what state my brain is in at the time

  • I perform improv comedy and dabble in other forms and also work as a storyteller, videographer, and editor.

  • One time I won an Emmy and learned that the only place I can talk about it is on About pages. It’s really hard to naturally work into conversations at parties without sounding pretentious. So now I just mention it on pages like this where I can’t see people roll their eyes at me. I still feel you doing it though. Nobody made you read this far, y’know. This is as much on you as it is me.

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