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A comedy column featuring LMAO-worthy content from around the internet + original comedic writing from semi-pro court jester Rick McClelland.

If you finished the next line in these lyrics, we should be friends.

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Here’s a statistic for you: 95% of emails absolutely suck. That’s real, they’ve done studies, you can look it up. I bet your inbox is full of garbage RIGHT NOW. You don’t need another calendar invite from your boss or sales email from Amazon. Forget about “inbox zero” and instead light up with anticipation when you see an incoming email from ME, your best buddy Rick (we are buddies right? Please. We have to be. My therapist says I really need this.)

At Finding Wit’s End, we live in the other 5%. The awesome 5%. The 5% you want to keep around. Maybe even marry someday.

This newsletter is my quest to locate the limits of comedy and bring all my misadventures finding it to you. If it were a racehorse, people would say, “he loves the slop” and “his mother was a mudder” - which are both extremely flattering things to say about them, btw.

What You Get

Finding Wit’s End is two emails per week:

  • On Tuesday, I deliver a short comedic article, personal essay, or other bit of original hilarity.

  • On Friday, I deliver Friday Funnies, the internet version of a 90’s newspaper funny pages. It’s a digest of funny memes, videos, and other writing from across the digital landscape. I endlessly scroll social media so that YOU don’t have to.

Here’s the crazy part - everything offered above is TOTALLY FREE. WOW. Don’t miss out on this ONCE IN A LIFETIME OFFER. (It will still be here tomorrow though (I guess I’m bad at high pressure sales tactics.))

Want To Laugh NOW? Start Here

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🇺🇸 How I Saved America - An adventure through the interwebs to find Black Friday deals

🎂 33 Lessons For My 33rd Birthday - The word "Lessons" is doing a lot of work there BUT there's definitely 33 numbered items

More About Rick

  • I perform improv comedy and dabble in other forms and also work as a storyteller, videographer, and editor.

  • I still have my tonsils - yes, I’m one of those “tonsil people” you hear about

  • I’ve been absolutely crushing an active daily tooth brushing streak for 33 years and counting

  • I can sing every word to Eminem’s ‘Til I Collapse’ on command no matter what state my brain is in at the time

  • One time I won an Emmy and learned that the only place I can talk about it is on About pages. I even wrote about how difficult it is to naturally work into conversations at parties without sounding pretentious. So now I just mention it on pages like this where I can’t see people roll their eyes at me. I still feel you doing it though. Nobody made you read this far, y’know. I put this at the very bottom for a reason. This is as much on you as it is me.

Okay, so I kinda lied about the above offer being once in a lifetime. That’s my bad. THIS is the final offer. At least on this page. It’s also on every page on this website. BUT FORGET ALL THAT. This is a beautiful subscribe box that would look even prettier with your email typed into it. Take a screenshot to hang on the fridge.

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A comedy column featuring LMAO-worthy content from around the internet + the original comedic writing of semi-pro court jester Rick McClelland.


A modern day court jester alive by virtue of there being no king to behead me. Writer at Finding Wit's End, a comedy newsletter where I'm on a journey to find the absolute limits of what is funny.